Bowls Northamptonshire

Dear Fellow Bowlers

                With the sunny days we are experiencing at present, we should all be looking forward to starting the Outdoor Bowls season. But in the current extremely difficult circumstances, we cannot enjoy our outdoor sport.

Bowls England (BE)made a decision to cancel the National Championships in August as the qualifying rounds, which some Counties start in April, would not be completed in time.

 Midland Counties (MCBA) Midland England League (MEL) and Friends of Bowls England (FOEB) also decided to cancel all matches for this season. BE may resume some of their matches later in the season.

Bowls Northamptonshire has decided to cancel all men and women’s friendly matches at present, but may try and re-arrange some of them later in the season.

All County competitions leading to the National Championships have been cancelled. If later in the season (August/September) and depending on Government advice, we may be able to play some of our own County Competitions.

Good News! Presidents’ Yvonne, Paul and Shelagh have agreed to continue their roles in 2021.

On a financial note BE will be refunding all the Affiliation fees and Competition entry fees that have been paid. BN will do the same if no competitions are played. This will take time to administrate.

A reminder that any BN member may access the Benevolent Fund if they find themselves needing financial support due to unfortunate circumstances. John Church is the Benevolent Fund secretary.

To all club members we ask that you support your club in what ever way you can, with a view that we WILL be out Bowling again by the end of the summer.

Stay Safe until we can resume the sport we all love.

Best Regards

Jan Hunt

on behalf of the BN Executive Committee