Daventry Town v Byfield

May 11th
On a bright and sunny afternoon Daventry Town entertained Byfield to a game of four triple rinks. Early in the season the green played very well and a very enjoyable game ended with the closest of scores.  Each side won two rinks, but thanks to  their highest winning rink of Richard Taylor, John Moore and skip John Hodgkinson, Daventry won by one point 62-61. 
Afterwards both sides enjoyed tea and biscuits, and a little alcohol in the clubhouse!

Daventry Town win away game against Banbury Chestnuts 72-64

Daventry Town kicked off the 2019 season with a win over Banbury Chestnuts at the weekend. Although is was very cold as the games were played the spirit of the friendly was not lost and late in the second half Daventry took the lead and were able to hold on to it after a great fight back from Banbury.

Congratulations to the Highest winning rink:  Lead, Brian Robbins 2nd, Don Grant, and Skip, Arthur Stowe..