Disability Bowls

About Disability Bowls

Bowls is now recognised as one of the most accessible and integrated sports readily available and can be played by almost anyone, with or without a disability. It can be played in many formats, singles, pairs, triples and fours. It can be played in teams of whatever number you wish. It can be played competitively at local, national and international level or it can be a social pastime, whatever you want. You can also compete with or against non-disabled bowlers in most situations.

In recent years the game has become far more accessible to people with disabilities, the development of wheelchairs designed especially for bowling greens to prevent damage to the greens along with several other aids enabling more participation in the sport.

What equipment do I need?

In order for disabled participants to participate in inclusive bowls activities it may be necessary for individuals or clubs to purchase adaptive equipment. A list of equipment items that are available can be found on the Disability Bowls England website here.

How to take part:

​Training / Taster Days​ – any person with any disability can come along to any these events.
Friendly Matches – these may be a match for members with a visual impairment or for members with any disability and may be indoor or outdoor.
Competitions – Disability Bowls England run various competitions. Some are indoor, some outdoor, some open and some with restricted entry
Details of these can be found on the Disability Bowls England website.