Membership & Joining

Daventry Town Bowls Club warmly welcomes new members, with or without experience, who wish to be involved with the sport of bowls.  We are a small, but flourishing, club that offers the opportunity for exercise and enjoyment.

Please ring the Membership Secretary on 01327 877248. They will arrange for you to come along one afternoon or evening, when you can meet other members and have a practice rollup.

You do not need to have any special equipment, as we have bowls that we can lend you, until you are ready to buy your own. Our only requirement is that you wear flat-soled shoes, that do not have a raised pattern, as this protects our green.  You are encouraged to attend up to three sessions, as a guest, before making the decision to join our club.

If you decide to join or renew your membership please use the button below


Current Yearly Subscriptions are:

Existing Members £50.00 per year
New Members (First year only) £25.00 per year
Junior Members  (under 18) £5.00 per year
Social Members £10.00 per year
Social Members Pay & Play £2.00 per game
Short Mat
Existing Members £25.00 per year
New Members (First year only) £12.50 per year
Juniors Members  (under 18) £2.00 per year
Plus League Membership (mandatory) £6.50 per year – (£7.25 after 31st August)
Friday Night Social League roll up fee £1.00 per night

Only adults full members have voting rights.